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COVER STORY! Made in Cola Town: Leeza Gibbons nurtures a sense of community in Irmo

“Life has a way of putting us exactly where we belong, always with perfect timing, whether we can see it or not,” Leeza says. “My experiences as a reporter, anchor, and TV host gave me an inside track on human resilience. It helped me grow my empathy and believe that

COVER STORY: Caregiving Isn’t A Solo Sport

Leeza opens up about personal caregiving experience and advocacy. Click here to read the full magazine. Leeza Gibbons is a leading TV talk show host, entertainment reporter, and best-selling author, but she has another role: caregiver. Gibbons cared for both her mother and father during serious illnesses. She shares advice

New Innovative Support for Dementia Patients

A new development by the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s family center provides care for those who are diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. A new town center has been built in Chula Vista, CA to provide a day care with a unique technique to bring the 1950’s into the present. The
What Caregivers Are Saying

“Leeza’s Care Connection is my home away from home. I’m learning how to be a better caregiver as I stand beside my husband fighting the cruel battle of Alzheimer’s disease.”

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