Caregiver Contract with Yourself

I call these “Five to SURVIVE.” Use these tips to write your Caregiver Contract with Yourself. Check out mine below.

1. Me First

Take your oxygen first, so that you’ll be emotionally and physically ready. Better care for you means better outcomes for the care receiver.

2. Tell Someone

Reach out and share to avoid the depression and isolation that so often comes with caregiving. Communicate your needs and feelings.

3. Make the marathon

It’s not a sprint so you need to utilize the four R’s along the way: Rest, respite, reflect and recharge.

4.Reclaim Your Life

Get rid of guilt and banish the blame that may prevent you from owning your own life.

5. Use the F words

Flexibility and forgiveness will save your sanity and let you move forward.

Caregiver Contract with Yourself

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