Educational Programs & Trainings

Educational programs and training can provide fresh ideas and new solutions for family caregivers. Attending educational seminars, conferences or workshops can also help you find other caregivers who might be interested in keeping in touch and sharing resources.

Leeza’s Care Connection offers various educational programs throughout the year. Through these programs, the goal is for caregivers to leave with:

• Personal knowledge, skills and caregiving outlook
• Skills to access abilities of your loved one with dementia
• Confidence to set and alter caregiving goals
• Strategies to manage activities of daily living
• Perspective on the course of caregiving

Our educational programs and training include:

Memory Screenings: Early diagnosis is key to living successfully with a memory disorder. Confidential memory screenings at Leeza’s Care Connection take only ten minutes to complete and can suggest whether a medical evaluation would be beneficial.

Presentations and Workshops: Ongoing programs at Leeza’s Care Connection are designed to increase knowledge about the disease process and provide the latest caregiving tips and strategies that may help reduce anxiety and help caregivers maintain their own health while caring for their loved one.

Mentoring: Our unique mentoring program at Leeza’s Care Connection empowers those who have been touched by chronic and progressive illness to guide, encourage and support other caregivers.

Information and Referral Assistance: Specially trained Program & Outreach Directors meet with individual families, making appropriate referrals when needed and connecting caregivers to resources that meet their specific needs.

Media & Resource Library: Leeza’s Place guests are encouraged to utilize our continuously growing library of informational DVD’s, books and magazines along with computer stations that provide internet access to our guests.

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