Our Leeza’s Care Connections offer a calendar full of events to help you connect with other caregivers or learn something new that may make your caregiving journey a bit easier.

 Education by Phone
“Caregiving Matters”  is our Education by phone program. These 1 hour interactive telephone sessions are designed to help you access information over the phone. Each one is presented by an experienced professional or expert in their field.  Click here for schedule

Leeza’s Care Connection In Your Area
Check out the programs in your area by clicking on their calendar below:

Leeza’s Care Connection at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

Take 2
If life is an epic saga, who is writing your narrative? Is the plot unfolding as you imagined? Whether you find yourself trudging along in boredom or caught up in a chaotic whirlwind of overcommitment, you can still take creative control and declare that it’s Your Life, Your Rules. This is a book about rebooting your story at any point. It’s about starting over; taking inventory; and getting smarter, stronger, and sexier with no apologies, no regrets, and no turning back.
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