Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is Leeza’s Care Connection?

Leeza’s Care Connection is a community gathering place for all types of caregivers. It is a place to go to ask questions, get answers, find resource and get support.

 Our living room offers a safe place for caregivers to:

• Connect with resources
• Connect with other caregivers
• Connection with your own strength of spirit

Q. How much does it cost?

All programs are free of charge.

Q. What programs and services do you provide?

At Leeza’s Care Connection, we help all kinds of family caregivers and their loved ones live better lives by providing information, connection and community.

Our centers offer a safe place to learn, express and share. Educational programs like seminars, presentations and mentoring help caregivers BREATHE in the oxygen they need to get through this journey, knowing there is help out there, and they are not alone. It also helps them manage the demands of their ever changing life as a caregiver.

Empowerment programs like support groups, scrapbooking and other arts programs help caregivers BELIEVE they will get through the journey by connecting to others and their own inner strength. It provides an opportunity to call on their courage and summon their strength. It also allows them to give and receive the emotional support needed for this caregiving journey which is a marathon, not a sprint.

Energy programs get caregivers active through social events and various health and wellness programs, promoting techniques for stress reduction and social interaction for those caregivers who feel isolated and alone. It allows caregivers to take a moment to stop achieving and start receiving.

Q. I am a caregiver. Why should I get involved with Leeza’s Care Connection?

America’s family caregivers are family, friends, partners and neighbors… anyone who provides assistance to someone else who is in some degree incapacitated and needs help. Leeza’s Care Connection is for all types of caregivers. We believe that caregivers must nourish themselves mind, body, soul and spirit in order to take care of their loved ones.

Q. How can I help the organization?

You can help Leeza’s Care Connection in various ways:

1. Make a donation. You can make a general donation to the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation (parent organization for our LCC centers) or you can make a donation directly to your local Leeza’s Care Connection center. CLICK HERE to make a donation now.

2. Donate supplies, goodies, treats to a LCC center. Our centers operate out of the goodness and financial support of our hospital partners and community support. Get in touch with your local LCC center to find out what kind of items are needed.

3. Spread the word. Use social media and other resources to help spread the word about the support we offer to family caregivers. Feel free to use the suggested postings below:

a. Facebook

i. Leeza’s Care Connection offers programs and services to educate, empower and energize family caregivers. If you or someone you know is a caregiver and needs help, get in touch with this wonderful organization founded by TV/Radio personality Leeza Gibbons. #caregiving #nonprofit #leezascareconnection #leezagibbons #helpforcaregivers #support

b. Twitter

i. Connect now w/ Leeza’s Care Connection @LeezasCareCafe. They offer support programs & services to family #caregivers. #caregiving #nonprofit

Q. Why was the organization created?

TV/Radio Personality Leeza Gibbons created The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation in 2002 as a promise to her mother to “tell her story and make it count” after her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and her family’s subsequent caregiving challenges. Leeza’s Place, the original program of the foundation, opened in 2003 providing support programs to family caregivers in locations across the country. After a decade of working with families at Leeza’s Place, a rebranding effort led us to change our name to Leeza’s Care Connection, providing us with a better name to communicate our message of connecting caregivers to resources, to support and to each other.

Q. How can I help open a Leeza’s Care Connection near me?

The best place to start is to spread the word. Talk to your doctor and other healthcare professionals in your area. Tell them what we do and how important it is to offer caregivers support programs like ours. Give them our website URL, send them to our social media pages, give them our phone number. If enough interest in your area exists, Leeza’s Care Connection can partner with a local healthcare provider or hospital system to bring our programs and services to your area.


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