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A BEACON – Meet the Leeza’s Care Connection Team

We are a group of dedicated, heart-centered, dynamic individuals who develop unique programs under the pillars of Education, Empowerment and Energy.

Together, our staff and a core of experienced volunteers manage Leeza’s Care Connection serving as an indispensable resource for caregivers looking to ask questions, share a story, or find a solution. We have each been touched by caregiving in some way and find strength in lifting each other up to face the journey ahead. To not just survive, but thrive while walking the caregiving path.

Caregiving is a marathon, not a sprint, and a caregiver’s needs change as a loved one declines. That’s why we are there to hold your hand every step of the way.

One-on-one planning meetings are an effective way to begin the education process. It’s a great place to ask questions and begin understanding the things that need to be thought about—a way to get in the conversation and remain there throughout the caregiving journey.

Our goal is to help caregivers learn the importance of holding onto themselves while caring for someone they love. Questions arise, situations can get out of control—know that we are reachable, reliable and highly responsive. We are here to help you connect to other caregivers, resources in the community and to your own strength of spirit.

“There is wisdom in our connection, there is hope in our hearts and there is strength in our togetherness. Today I will exhale Knowing I am not alone.”




I’m Leeza and I’ve had an extraordinary opportunity to live the life of my dreams as a TV journalist, speaker and author. I love telling the stories of people’s lives.   The biggest story in my life happened when my mom got Alzheimer’s disease. Her mother, my granny faced the same fate. By watching these important women show up with such grace and dignity as they battled the thief of memories, I learned that there is great power in facing our fears and great humanity when someone opens up to receive the help of others.  Mom asked me to tell the story of our family’s journey and to “make it count”.  That is part of why I created LCC. To make sure those who are forgetting will not be forgotten and to honor the courageous caregivers who stand by someone they love. My dad learned to summon his strength when he cared for my mom until her death and now, through Leeza’s Care Connection, I get to share with many others who have found courage they never knew they had.

I am profoundly grateful for this blessing and honor.  It is a treasure in my life, a daily reminder of the power of the human spirit and a great “story to tell.”



I have the pleasure of operating the Burbank Center of Leeza’s Care Connection.  What brought me to LCC is that I was a caregiver for my mother.  Even though I was a caregiver for a short period of time, it propelled me to want to give back and help others who are facing the difficult task of caring for a loved one.   My background in caregiving, marketing, and having created and operated a 501(c)(3) prepared me perfectly for this role.



I joined the Leeza’s Care Connection team in South Carolina this past May. I am a native of Irmo, SC and graduated from the very same High School as Leeza. Becoming a Stephen Minister at the tender age of 16 years old, one of the biggest things I learned was the importance of being a good listener. Everyone needs a chance to be heard, especially when going through troubled times.

I received my bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston in Business Administration and have been privileged to work in the Hospice industry devoting myself to caregivers, volunteers and those in need of a hug or an ear to listen. I’m happily married and enjoy family time with my 6 children and beautiful grandson.

What Caregivers
Are Saying

“Leeza’s Care Connection is my home away from home. I’m learning how to be a better caregiver as I stand beside my husband fighting the cruel battle of Alzheimer’s disease.”

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