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Aging Info Radio with Sue Zawacki
Interview with Leeza Gibbons “Honoring Caregivers.. Our Heroes”
Sunday, November 3
AM 560 Radio

Aging Info Radio Interview with Sue Zawacki

Pour a cup of coffee, cuddle in a comfy chair, tune your radio dial to AM 560 on Sunday, November 3, and enjoy an hour with Sue Zawacki on Aging Info Radio (www.aginginforadio.com). In special recognition of caregiver’s, Sue will be interviewing Leeza Gibbons and your local Program and Outreach Directors, Kathy A. Miller and Kim Jackson for an informative, enlightening, and down-to-earth talk on caregiving.

“I absolutely loved and was very touched by all the presenters.
A lot of work was put into the program and I really enjoyed this event.”  

~ Comment by Symposium Attendee

In November, in recognition of National Family Caregiver Month, Leeza’s Care Connection hosted their 5th Annual Caregiver Symposium.

This year our keynote speaker, Carolie Warren, middle school principal in northwest Indiana and author of the book, But Mama, How Come Grandpa Gets To?, spoke about the importance of family caregivers and professional caregivers working together toward a common goal to provide the best care for loved ones, avoid caregiver burnout, and provide a dignified goodbye.

The presentation was followed by a recap of all the programs and events provided by Leeza’s Care Connection over the past year, the presentation of the Dr. Richard and Gertrude P. Zalar Gentle Touch Awards to professional caregivers, and a book signing by Carolie.

Congratulations to the following Gentle Touch Award Winners:

Shannon Starr, Personal Care Assistant from FirstLight HomeCare Shirley Martin, Registered Nurse from Ecumenical Adult Care of Naperville Emily Castillo, Certified Nursing Assistant from Island City Rehab Nicole Diaz, Assisted Living Manager from Timbers of Shorewood Britni Willis, Activity Aide from Island City Rehab



Fueling the Journey – An Evening Reception with Leeza Gibbons
A kick-off reception for our annual Journey In Motion event. Wine courtesy of Cellar Angels.

4th Annual Journey In Motion Walk
It was a picture-perfect day. low 70s with blue skies and lots of smiles.

This year, we more than doubled our attendance and number of sponsors. Thank you to everyone who took part in some way this year, to make this event run so smoothly and be so successful. We had over 120 walkers, four or five pooches happily joining the group, and raised over $16,000 in cash with another $10,000+ in in-kind donations (media coverage, raffle baskets, signs, refreshments, and more). For a smaller, younger organization, we sure are proud!

The words thank you hardly seem enough when it comes to expressing our gratitude for our partners, our sponsors, our volunteers, caregiver’s and all our family and friends who support, love, and carry us forward. a journey of love ever in motion!


MAY 2013

Courage in Art – One Painting. but a Journey of Many In honor of Mother’s Day, and dedicated to the women who gave us our courage and strength to make this journey count, we are going to be offering another Visionary Art Workshop, but with a twist. Join us as we create one painting from the vision of many.

In her book Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings, Leeza GIbbons shares information about creating a “Bravery Box” (page 43).

A Bravery Box, as talked about in her book, is something very personal that requires you to be courageous. We would like our caregiver’s to participate in our version of a Bravery Box. but something that will help other caregiver’s on their journey from a visual perspective. courage in art.

On Thursday, May 9 (rescheduled from March), we will be creating one painting. Instead of each person creating their own painting, each person will get to add their personal touch on one large canvas. Each person will be able to share what courage means to them via painting. It will be a wonderful collage of ideas. a journey of caregiver’s together, finding courage together. Our painting will become a special piece of art on permanent display at our Leeza’s Care Connection in Joliet.



Volunteer’s Connect – Heart & Hand Meeting and Luncheon

We will be introducing our Care Connection Core Volunteer Group, and a luncheon, sponsored by Harbor Light Hospice, will be provided during a question and answer session. We hope if you have volunteered in the past, or if you want to give back in the form of volunteering, this will be a beautiful opportunity to do exactly that. Volunteering isn’t for everyone, but if it wasn’t for the strong group we have developed over the past four years, our journey would have been very bumpy. Thanks to those who helped us when we moved to our new location, and who continue to help us with planned events, setup and cleanup details, health fairs, office support, computer input, call trees, crocheting and scrapbooking, and many other office responsibilities. thanks to our volunteers, our path connections have been very smooth. Please join us at this luncheon when we have an opportunity to thank those who have helped in the past, as well as welcoming those who are looking forward to helping us connect the dots in 2013.

Affirmation Flowers – Flowers as Messengers Affirmations are a specialized activity within the larger field of soul processes such as meditation, contemplation and prayer. They are elegant and evocative words which enable the soul to initiate positive goals of inner development. It is a tenet of all spiritual teachings, as well as business and professional training programs, that the ordering of thought and the harmonizing of feeling has a powerful impact on our ability to manifest change, both within ourselves and within the world.

Affirmation Flowers

Throughout human culture, many poets and mystics have attempted to express a language of flowers. Even the most hardened among us can recognize that flowers embody an exquisite language of the soul. This is why we use flowers to express our inmost feelings in all forms of human celebration and commemoration.



Little Black Dress Event

Leeza Gibbons, talk show host, author and entrepreneur may be from California but she has Florida in her soul. It was right here in South Florida that Leeza created what she and her family wished they had when her mom was dying of Alzheimer’s disease. A place for caregivers to go for support, to ask questions, find resources and connect with others, Leeza’s Place Memorial Hospital Pembroke is a place where families going through a health crisis can go to summon their strength and call on their courage to make it through the caregiving journey.

Earlier this year Leeza hosted a Little Black Dress Event to raise awareness and funds for Leeza’s Place Memorial Hospital Pembroke. It was a delightful, successful evening of community and caregivers coming together to show their love and support for caregivers and Leeza. The next day Leeza joined her Leeza’s Place family for a brunch, drumming circle and book singing of Leeza’s new book Take 2; Your Guide to Happy Endings and New Beginnings. All of the weekend’s events were a tremendous success.


New & Noteworthy
COLUMBIA, S.C. – Leeza’s Care Connection, a free resource center for caregivers, will reopen the Michael J. and Mary Meech Mungo home, with an open house on Feb. 19 and a celebration on Feb. 20. The center, which opened in July 2016, was destroyed last May when a tree fell on the
Imagine having to spend your first day on a new job with 47 million people across America watching you. Add in tens of millions more viewing you from countries worldwide, and it would be easy to feel a lot of pressure.  Mark Steines and Leeza Gibbons faced just that dilemma
Many of us know Leeza Gibbons as co-host of Entertainment Tonight—a primetime posting she held for nearly two decades. But Gibbons has also hosted her own daytime talk show, written a New YorkTimes bestseller, and taken home top prize on Celebrity Apprentice after raising more than $700,000 for her non-profit,
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