February 2, 2010

Special Note from a Leeza's Place Visitor

Families are funny things...they can be our security and sanity...the glue that holds our lives together, or that annoying seam that is always in need of repair...frayed and straining, threatening to rip apart. The reality for most of us is, families are a little of both. If we are flexible and forgiving, allowing for growth and change, families can be the clearest lens through which to see what's true and real.

At Leeza's Place, we often deal with families at a moment of crisis, sadness, frustration or concern. When you or someone you love has a health challenge, family issues bubble up like a blister on your soul. It is the reason we do what we do; it is why we developed Leeza's Place...to make sense of the chaos.
I wanted to share the beautiful words of one of our guests from Memorial Hospital Leeza's Place in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Patricia is now part of our "family" and I was so touched by her email.

I hope it will encourage you to believe that no matter how hopeless things seem, there is always a page to turn. Family matters are tough because families matter. Thanks Patricia, for your support... (and you're right...Bonnie Bonomo IS an angel)!
Leeza Gibbons

And here is her email...

Dear Leeza:
Thank you is not a big enough word. I have been alone on my caregivers journey for 6 years up until last May when I walked into your facility in Pembroke and met with Bonnie Bonomo, since then my life has transformed in such a positive way...as well as my Mom's.

She was a wife of an abusive alcoholic and raised 6 of us on her own after he passed in 1972. She lost 2 sons in 1984 and another 10 yrs later. The ones who remain are distant except for me her only girl and "baby" of the family. Our relationship was not a textbook mother/daughter relationship (if there even is one lol)

However, with your help I have a relationship with her now that I thought I could never have. I have learned to celebrate not "tolerate" and have fun with her, it is possible! It is a very precious time to make the most of.
I could have never learned these things or have gained this perspective without your direction. It is said we come into this world alone and die alone...like babies there are so many to welcome them in, you efforts have taught me and I am sure so many others to hold their hand to escort them on their way out.

God Bless You and Yours!!

A friend forever,