December 2003


Today’s Caregiver, the first national magazine for family and professional caregivers will hold a Los Angeles area Fearless Caregiver Conference, Saturday, January 31 from 9:30am to 4:00pm at Sunset Village on the UCLA campus, located near Sunset Blvd and Bellagio Dr.

Leeza Gibbons, television news journalist, radio personality, producer, mother and wife, knows firsthand of the devastation that Alzheimer's disease can cause a family. After the loss of her grandmother and the diagnosis of her mother, Leeza and her family created The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation to meet the growing needs of those impacted by memory disorders. Through its signature program “Leeza's Place," the Foundation seeks to educate, empower and energize both caregivers and the recently diagnosed. Leeza's Place integrates educational approaches, connective social activities, emotional support, and intergenerational programming, and is committed to a realistic, coordinated national strategy for finding cures for diseases causing memory loss.

The Los Angeles Leeza’s Place will be located at UCLA’s Alzheimer Disease Center (ADC), the host for the Fearless Caregiver Conference. The UCLA ADC is a multi-disciplinary research and treatment program committed to the best science for the best care. The conference will also provide a platform for announcing the implementation of the Deane F. Johnson Center for Neurotherapeutics at UCLA. The new Center will integrate clinical trials to find better treatments faster for patients with neurological disorders.

The Fearless Caregiver conferences, held across the country, are designed as a day of information and guidance for family and professional caregivers in order for them to receive hands-on advice to meet the challenges of caregiving. Today's Caregiver magazine editor-in-chief and author of the book, The Fearless Caregiver, Gary Barg states, "We created the Fearless Caregiver Conference is so all area family and professional caregivers can come together for a day designed just for them. There's more power, more strength and more wisdom in that room than people could ever imagine."

The conference registration fee is $45, including lunch. The City of Los Angeles Department on Aging will provide 200 free tickets to Los Angeles city residents who are family caregivers of those 60 years of age or older or caregivers 60 years of age or older to a child 18 years of age or younger. Call 800.829.2734 or go online to www.caregiver.com to register for the conference.