Dare 2 Care Fair

Leeza Gibbons’ Dare2Care Fair, where SC will create a kindness and caring movement to showcase a “Reflection of Our Connection” to each other! Think of it as a fun day with lots of heart and soul, powered by knowledge with lots of energy and education.

On June 24, 2017, friends and neighbors of all ages and abilities will gather at the Columbia Convention Center for a FREE day of old school family friendly fair-type games, food and fun. While games like ring toss and dunk tank are keeping the young and young at heart entertained, our health expo will be empowering parents and grandparents with ways to be smarter, safer and live better, healthier lives.

During our cocktail event, we move to the Take the Dare Live Auction where guests will raise their paddles to see friends, neighbors, celebrities and newsmakers take dares live on stage. Want to see how much the audience will pay to see rival college team coaches in a dare-off against each other to wear the competing colors; mascot outfits and all? Whether it’s Barry Manilow challenging a guest to sing “Copacabana” or getting a group of seniors doing a line dance- we’ll find out how much you’re willing to pay to see it or how much you’d pay to wiggle OUT of taking a dare yourself!

All of this happens on stage against a backdrop of the Reflection of our Connection Wall. This is where we show how much kindness matters. Colorful building blocks stacked on top of each other, displaying personalized stories of how our community has dared to care. Maybe it’s the second grader who sets the table for his mom, the high school senior who rakes his neighbor’s yard who is a caregiver or the mom who bought lunch for the person in the car behind her at the drive thru. The bricks will be given out two months ahead of our event and many will arrive on doorsteps and in mailboxes anonymously – challenging the receiver to use that moment to do something good … That’s what we challenge you to do, too. Be a Reflection of our Connection.

Join our movement. Let’s show the world how we Dare2Care!!

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New & Noteworthy
BY LEZLIE PATTERSON Imagine being dared by Barry Manilow to sing “Copacabana,” by Suzanne Somers to work out beside her, or by the Chippendales to mimic their dance moves – all on stage in front of a crowd. Those are a few of the dares that will be issued at
See how WE Dare2Care! Join us June 24 for the Leeza Gibbons’ Dare2Care Fair and show YOUR support for our #caregivers! LeezaGibbonsDare2Care.com #dare2care #actsofkindness #leezascareconnection
Our LCC Superstars knocked it out the park with this Leeza Gibbons’ Dare2Care Fair commercial airing on WIS!! Thank you to all who participated! Find out more at LeezaGibbonsDare2Care.com #dare2care #actsofkindness #leezascareconnection  
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