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Take Your Oxygen First

Chosen as one of the Best Consumer Health Books 2009 by Library Journal

book_imageTake Your Oxygen First It’s become our mantra – we encourage caregivers to “Take Your Oxygen First”. It’s imperative in life to take care of yourself so you can give more to others, and it’s the title of a book I co-authored about my family’s personal struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Just like the flight attendant tells you on a plane, you’ve got to take care of our own life sustaining needs BEFORE your handle everyone else who depends on you, otherwise you’ll deplete.

Take Your Oxygen First: Protecting Your Health and Happiness While Caring for a Loved One With Memory Loss has been selected as one of the Best Consumer Health Books by Library Journal. With Dr. Jamie Huysman and Dr. Rosemary Laird , my family and me, we provide practical advice on how caregivers and their families can and must take care of their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs in order to give better care to their loved ones suffering with a memory loss disorder.

So breathe deeply and fill up…. mind, body, soul and spirit : TAKE YOUR OXYGEN FIRST!

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Fierce Optimism
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