What’s Next After Celebrity Apprentice for Leeza’s Care Connection!

Celebrating Leeza’s Win for Caregivers Everywhere! 

Our Courageous Caregivers Cheer on #TeamLeeza

It was a victory for caregivers everywhere Monday night as our fearless leader Leeza Gibbons won Celebrity Apprentice LIVE on national TV. Week after week, Leeza stood above the competition, never losing sight of her ultimate goal… to bring home $250k to support family caregivers through Leeza’s Care Connection.



After the win, Leeza said:

“Mom always told me to stay in my lane and focus on my own race. That’s what I tried to do,” said Gibbons. “My goal was simple to show the kind of strength my mother had as she battled Alzheimer’s disease and to honor those families who are care-giving.  I hope I did.  With my winnings from the show, Donald Trump has made it possible for me to open a new Leeza’s Care Connection in my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. Thank you to the Trump family, Mark Burnett and his incredible production team, NBC and all of my cast mates for making this a once in a lifetime experience.”

During the show’s final task, Leeza opened up about why she foundedLeeza’s Care Connection and told the emotional story of her mother’s memory loss. The presentation was capped by a performance by her good friend Olivia Newton-John who Leeza calls “simply one of the most beautiful souls the world has to offer.”

Leeza continued:

“Olivia has lit the way for me for as long as I can remember and I am filled with grace and gratitude for her love and example. Thank you, Olivia, for being there for me on Celebrity Apprentice to help my foundation.”

 We are so proud of you, Leeza!

What’s Next for Leeza’s Care Connection:


We have provided our non-profit services across the country for over ten years. Now, thanks to the Michael J. Mungo Foundation and Celebrity Apprentice, we get to open in Leeza’s hometown where she grew up and went to Irmo High School.

Mr. Mungo’s former home in Whitehall is in the very same neighborhood where Leeza’s family lived and we are thrilled to announce that it will be the newest location for Leeza’s Care Connection!

Mr. Mungo built the house where Leeza’s family lived on Harrow Dr. in Whitehall. Now, down the street, in the house where HE lived, Leeza’s family’s legacy and his family legacy come together to serve the neighborhood.

We will continue to update you as we make progress on renovating and updating this landmark home as it becomes a beacon of hope, help and healing for family caregivers in the Columbia, SC area.

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